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Become a Drving Instructor.

Become a driving instructor.

You will be given all the steps and help needed to efficiently pass 

the 3 tests needed to become an ADI.

And there is no need to franchise with us,  we will 

set you up and help you maintain your own business.

Once you have completed your 40 hours of part 3 in 

car training then we will fill you diary with your own 

local customers to start you off.

Local Training.

The training will be in Cwmbran and your pupils will

also be in Cwmbran and taking tests in your local test center

area of Newport. 

So you will already know the area, and so gives you a greater 

chance of passing your Part 3 test.


We use the latest techniques.

Give us a call even if its for advice on any part of your plan to become a

Approved Driving Instructor. (A.D.I.)

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