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Some Driving Schools provide cheap driving lessons because they find it difficult to attract pupils. The old adage "you get what you pay for" is as true in taking driving lessons as it is anywhere else. Don't take up cheap lessons they will just train you slower and end up having more lessons. Why do you think they offer Cheap deals? Its they are not very good.

  Get the result you want from CDS.

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First time drivers with C.D.S?

Get a 1 hour driving lesson or an assessment to make sure you like our friendly relaxed  and Professional teaching methods. 

You will then be advised on a  course plan.

Taking / Giving Private Practice?
Are they ready for their test?
This option  is perfect to see exactly
what's needed before their test date.
1/2 Hour MOC test followed by
1  hour remedial Training.
Free Written Report.   
These are weekday prices.

1 Hour


Pay As You Go

1 ½ Hours


Pay As You Go

10 Hours


£38.00 per hour

25 Hours


£36.00 per hour

 SAT & SUN    available at £45.00 per hour

Intensive/Crash Courses Available
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